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LeaderSHIFT Coffee Talk

LeaderSHIFT Coffee Talk

For Community

Program Form:

The main forum for building dialogue and a means of sharing with inspiration and case studies from various sources (academicians, practitioners, government, media, millennials, and community / community leaders). Duration : Regular monthly meeting.

Partnership with the community to create empowerment programs through cultural, artistic & creative approaches, local wisdom.

Campaign and learning programs through the use of Soc-Media, online and offline publications.

The LIMA Institute and the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika National Forum present: “LeaderSHIFT Coffee Talk”, a community initiative to build a caring ecosystem to build transformative leadership (based on Pancasila) and progressive (towards the 4.0 era). This program is organized and supported by QQ (Qando Qoaching Group).

Join the 1000 LeaderSHIFT movers in the organization where you are and get the main benefits in this community (5C):

  1. Concept Learning: Building an understanding of the topic
  2. Case Studies: Study application/implementation case studies from relevant sources.
  3. Challenge: Make a concrete action plan that is relevant to our current leadership and organizational situation.
  4. Connect: Build informal networks with resource persons, hosts, and other communities that join together.
  5. Coaching: Opportunity to get guidance from the LeaderSHIFT Mentor team via Zoom Video Call (45 minute segment).


There needs to be a planned effort in building a new narrative in preparing superior human beings/HR who are ready to face the industrial era 4.0 without forgetting national identity (the basis of Pancasila values) and building a similar community ecosystem.

The program is inspired by Bung Karno’s Trisakti framework: Sovereign in Politics, Independent in the Economy, Personality in Culture & Government Programs: Excellent Human Resources, Advanced Indonesia.

Initiator: LIMA Institute & Bhinneka Tunggal Ika National Forum.

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