Kartini and Women’s Challenges in Modern Times: Strengthening Leadership and Business Inclusion

By: Dhania Puspa Purbasari

Kartini, an Indonesian national heroine known for her fight for equality and education for women in the 19th century, has tremendous relevance in the context of women’s struggles in modern life. Her principles can strengthen leadership and inclusion in today’s business world.

One of the core values of Kartini’s struggle is gender equality. In today’s modern era, despite significant progress in fighting for gender equality, there are still many challenges faced by women, such as the wage gap, access to education, and representation in leadership.

Kartini was very outspoken in supporting access to education for women. Investing in education and developing women’s potential, a value espoused and strived for by Kartini, is key to dealing with rapid and complex business changes. In modern times, investing in education and developing women’s potential is the key to dealing with rapid business transformation. By improving women’s literacy and skills, we can create a more resilient and competitive workforce.

Kartini not only fought for women’s rights, but also encouraged women’s active participation in various fields of life, including in the world of business and leadership. In an era where women increasingly dominate in higher education and professionalism, increasing women’s representation in leadership and decision-making positions is a challenge that must be overcome to ensure balanced inclusion in the business world.

Kartini’s concept of gender equality inspires business leaders to create an inclusive work environment. In an era where women’s roles are increasingly recognised in various sectors, especially in technology and innovation, Kartini’s values of equality are an important foundation for creating a work environment that stimulates creativity and collaboration.

Despite living in a different era, Kartini’s struggle inspires us to continue fighting for equality and education for women in the modern era. By taking example from her values, we can continue to move forward towards a more inclusive and equal society.

Through Kartini’s spirit, we are encouraged to continue to develop ourselves and dare to take a role in shaping the future. Modern business leaders need to adopt the values of equality, education, and women’s empowerment as strategies to build sustainable and competitive organisations.

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