Cultivating Excellence in Parenting and Self-Development: Myth or Reality?


By: Dhania Puspa Purbasari

Raising children is not an easy task, especially in Asia where it often turns into an endless competition. Parents strive to push their children to achieve academic excellence and outstanding results in various fields. However, in this effort, we often forget the essence of the parent-child relationship and the importance of the parenting process itself.

Effective parenting is an art that involves balancing encouragement and character building. Children are like wet cement; whatever falls on them leaves a deep impression. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to focus on the process rather than just the end result.

Why Is Parenting Challenging?

Parenting Value

Children are reflections of their environment. They need to feel that they are unique wonders in this world. Every child has a unique personality, talents, strengths, and dreams. As parents, our job is to help them discover and develop these unique potentials.

Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor of education at Harvard University, identified eight different intelligences in humans, which include linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist intelligences. Finding your child’s dominant intelligence and supporting them in developing it is key to raising great children.

Allowing children to experiment is an important way to discover their unique gifts. Children are naturally curious and want to experiment. The worst thing parents can do is force their children to follow dreams they themselves have. We must observe and support the child’s learning process without excessive criticism. Allowing them to make mistakes and learn from failures is an essential part of their development.

Healthy Values

Children Value

Healthy values are life’s compass for children. They are the first push to do good and the last fortress against evil. Having strong values helps children differentiate between right and wrong and shape their character.

Parents must be role models in applying these values. Children learn a lot from their environment, including social media, friends, teachers, and parents. Therefore, it is important for us to demonstrate healthy values through our everyday actions and words.

Facing the Challenges of Generation Z

Generation Z

Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2012, grows up in a digital world different from previous generations. Their values are influenced by technology and social media. Parents need to understand and adapt to these changes to help their children grow with strong values and good character.

Human capital is the greatest asset every individual possesses. Developing human capital through self-development and self-transformation is key to achieving success in personal and professional life. Leadership coaching and leadership training are important tools in this process, helping individuals hone leadership skills and reach their full potential.

For working parents, managing parenting and career is a challenge in itself. However, with the right approach, both can go hand in hand. Developing effective parenting skills and understanding the importance of self-development will help parents become good role models for their children while continuing to grow in their careers.

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Great parenting is not a myth, but a reality that can be achieved with the right approach. Focus on the parenting process, support your child’s unique potential, and instill healthy values in their lives. By doing so, we can help them grow into competent, contributing, and happy individuals.

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