• Centralised Database: Access, manage and customize employee records in one place
  • Event Reminder: Announce new employees as well as birthdays
  • Easy Company Set Up: Create your company in minutes using our guided walkthroughs


  • Hassle-free Leave Management: Employees can file vacation or sick leaves in just a few clicks
  • Overview of team’s availability: Easy access to view and manage time off through self-service portal
  • Customised Leave Settings: Add more leave types and holidays suited to your industry or company’s leave policy


  • AutomaticRegulatoryUpdates: Payrol calculations are automaticaly  brought up to date
  • PayrolAnalytics: Flag potential anomalies and guide enforcemen
  • ElectronicPayslips: Our itemized pay slip is compliant and available in PDF format


  • Shift Scheduling: Complete visibility of team’s schedule, shift and whereabouts
  • Duty Roster Approval: Supervisor to create employees shift that match budget and availability and notifying employees instantly
  • Tim e Stam ped Perfectly: Clock-in and clock-out selfie prevents timeclock fraud


  • Online ApprovalsSubmit claims and attach supporting documents on the go
  • Easy Budget Management: Auto deduction feature ensures that employe eclaims are within their limits
  • Integrated with Salary: Sync with ePayrol, you can reimburse employees along with their salaries